How Good Export Market Research Can Help Your Business Succeed in Foreign Markets

by | Dec 24, 2014 | business services

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Entering a new export market is a popular form of corporate growth. Unfortunately it can also be a risky one, with many companies failing to sustain an economically viable foreign profile despite considerable domestic success. To maximize the chances of establishing a profitable overseas market, more and more companies are using a market research consultants to inform their decision making process. Obviously this has a resource implication, but for many businesses the outlay they make on external expertise is replaced multiple times by the resulting strength of their international venture. Here are three reasons why using a suitably qualified and experienced organization which specializes in European market research can maximize the chance of export market success:


Ensures Resources are Focused Correctly
Without in-depth, locally based knowledge of the market and its unique idiosyncrasies, it can be easy to start off on the wrong track, pursuing an inappropriate marketing strategy due to lack of relevant data. Using a market research consultant ensures you have the most appropriate and up-to-date intelligence, enabling you to plan a strategy which is well placed to succeed.


Speed Up Operations
Delays in implementation can be costly and for many organizations falling behind schedule can allow competitors to establish their market presence first. Being introduced to the right partners, having access to culturally appropriate publicity material in the local language and being provided with all the facts and figures you need to inform your venture gives your organization an edge over the rest. Export Market Research Ltd. is a European market research company which will be able to rapidly bring you up to speed with what’s needed for timely market entry.


Customize Your Marketing Strategy Appropriately
Consumers in foreign markets frequently have wants, needs and priorities which are different to those of the domestic market. To ensure your export operation works, it’s critical to understand what is important to your potential overseas client base. Changes to packaging, the use of different forms of media to get your message across and a marketing angle which keeps with local culture and expectations are all ways in which you can adapt your product to the export market. Market research consultants will be able to conduct comprehensive market research, using your proposed client base, in order to determine what is most likely to work well.


Accurate local knowledge is commonly acknowledged as one of the key drivers of export success, which is why Export Market Research Ltd. have been instrumental in enabling many foreign businesses to do well in European markets. Providing a wide range of export related services which encompass all the data needs a potential exporter might require, Export Market Research Ltd. is a market research consultancy based out of Europe which provides expert, flexible and diverse services which can be tailored to meet the requirements of any overseas business.

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