What Can You Expect When Filing for Disability?


When you are no longer able to work because of disability, your life can immediately change. No longer being able to bring in a paycheck can put a great strain on your finances. If you have become disabled and have medical proof of your disability, you have the right to file for disability with the Social Security Administration. Though the process is fairly straightforward, many people find it confusing and stressful. This is why so many people hire a Disability Lawyer In Wichita.

Since many people are often denied their benefits, lawyers have the ability to help them appeal. First, you need to make sure you have two medical doctors to confirm you are fully and permanently disabled. Without this medical proof, your disability claim will be denied.

Should your claim be denied, the lawyer will work to appeal your case. The appeal schedules you for a hearing date before a judge. During this hearing, your lawyer will have the ability to submit your medical records and even call in medical professionals to testify on your behalf.

In many cases, an appeal allows someone who has been denied to get the benefits they deserve. The good news is, disability cases are retroactive. This means you will receive benefits from the first day you filed.

Disabled individuals who are approved through appeal receive a lump sum payment. This payment will be used to pay your lawyer’s fees and then the rest is yours to pay for your needs. After this lump sum, you will begin receiving monthly payments each month.

Once you put in your claim, the process can take time. While some cases are approved rather quickly, others can be drawn out for months. By hiring a Disability Lawyer In Wichita, you can allow your lawyer to fully focus on your claim while you focus on your health.

They have helped many people to be able to receive the disability benefits they deserve and they will be glad to assist you. Contact them today and schedule your consultation appointment.

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