How Does Air Conditioning Work?

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

In the 1900s, people could not do too much about a hot, humid day except protest about the weather. If they could afford to, some would go to the mountains or the seashore in order to escape the heat. However, nowadays, we do not have to worry about this. With air conditioning, everyone can be comfortable indoors even on the most hot and humid of days. Air conditioning is everywhere from restaurants, stores, homes, etc.

There are many types of air conditioning in Dupage County, IL.

How Air Conditioning Works

An air conditioning unit does not simply add coolness to the air, instead it eliminates heat. An air conditioner works by taking heat away from the air by the quick increase of a cooling element as it becomes a liquid at high compression. The air is cooled directly by the machine. In large, significant locations, such as those found in office buildings and schools, an instrument chills water that is channeled through a series of coils. Air from the building is then pulled over the coils and dispersed through the building’s blowers.

To be useful, an air conditioning unit must be capable of upholding a stable temperature. If air conditioners could not do this, people would be constantly turning their units off and on the temperature would become too hot or too cold. A thermostat is a device which regulates the temperature. By simply setting the thermostat to the preferred temperature, it then controls the air conditioning unit off and on as needed.

Future Air Condition Systems

In the future, air conditioning systems could work by thermoelectric units. A thermoelectric unit is made up of tiny couples. Each couple consists of a pair of semi-conductors and connected in a parallel current. These couples are capable of producing cool air at one end and heating at other when direct air flows through them.

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