Causes of Air Conditioning Repair Irving Park

Causes of Air Conditioning Repair Irving Park

If you have ever spent a hot summer with a faulty A/C system, you know how difficult it can be to get repairs on the fly. You should never leave your summer comfort to chance. Some of the most common causes of air conditioner issues can be prevented with proper maintenance and care. If you do need air conditioning repair Irving Park services, then you can troubleshoot and diagnose some issues with the help of a professional.

Low Refrigerant
If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t pumping out cold air, your system may have leaks in the refrigerant lines that are causing your air conditioner unit to struggle with cooling down your home. An HVAC repair tech will be able to treat leaks and repair holes in lines quickly.

Dirty Coils
Your unit’s condenser coils as part of an outdoor HVAC are supposed to expel hot air from the building. However, the condenser coil will struggle if there is a layer of dirt and grime that it has to struggle with. This has become a major issue for older units.

Fan Problems
Debris and grime can cause your fan to slow down or completely stop. It can also be caused from a faulty motor, no lubrication, worn belts, and poor airflow. If you neglect a fan that is slowing down or freezing up, then you may have to deal with a broken air conditioner.

Leaking Ducts
Ductwork that runs through your ceilings and walls carries the cooled air from your conditioner to your space. If there are holes or breaks in the ducts, then your air could wind up in your ducts instead of cooling down your home.

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