How Do You Choose the Best Officiant for Your Wedding Ceremony?


The right officiant is an integral part of your ceremony and can make your wedding even more memorable.  The most important this is finding someone you feel at ease with. He or she will be the one to lead your through the most important part of your wedding day. You also want an officiant that is nonjudgmental and who is only concerned with your ceremony and not your life choices.

Traditional or Alternative
If you want a traditional officiate, you can start by looking to your church, synagogue or where you practice your faith. Be aware though that if you decide on a clergy, talk to him or her to be certain that they can perform the ceremony you want. If you are looking for a less-traditional or alternative officiant to perform your vow ceremony, there are many choices available to you. There are ministers, rabbis, and former priests from the Catholic religion. Then there are those alternative officiants, those who do this professionally, inter-faith ministers, and you could even choose a family member or friend to be licensed. Any of these are generally open to unique and/or unusual ceremonies.

Put Everything in Writing
You will want to spend time with an officiant to decide on the wording of your ceremony and to find out if they are comfortable with the parameters you want. Once everything is hammered out and to your liking, be sure to get his or her signature on an Officiant Agreement. You should know not every officiant works by signing a contract. If you have chosen one who does not, send an e-mail as soon as feasible after the meeting. It should list all the specifics that were discussed and agreed to. Reynolds Treasures offers perfect wedding officiants services in Charleston SC for both traditional and alternative ceremonies.

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