Four Reasons to Install a GPS Tracking System for Fleet Management


GPS tracking is a crucial management tool. Regardless of the size of the company, GPS tracking installations offer many benefits. Tracking systems are used in many industries, including utilities, food and beverage, delivery, courier, and even the government.

Increased Safety

GPS tracking results in heightened safety, especially for workers who perform their jobs solo and in isolated areas. Systems can be configured so that only authorized drivers can operate the vehicles and makes locating workers easy. Data and video recording can highlight risky behaviors and help drivers avoid accidents.


GPS tracking systems can result in greater fuel savings. Drivers who are monitored can be alerted to behaviors that cause increases in fuel consumption. Routes can be planned to avoid construction or traffic, reducing idle time that consumes fuel. Drivers can also be encouraged to shut engines off during delivery or other stops.

Management of Risk

Companies that utilize GPA tracking may see reduced insurance premiums and fewer claims. Video allows management to coach unsafe drivers but just knowing that they are being watched makes drivers take fewer risks such as speeding, talking on the phone while driving, or not using a seat belt. If an accident does occur, video can be used to prove innocence on the part of the driver and settle insurance claims. Loss can also be prevented if the vehicle is abandoned.


Tracking systems can assist fleet owners in complying with federal regulations. Mileage and stops are accurately recorded. Fuel tax reporting can be customized for any state in which fleet vehicles operate, leaving the guesswork out of reports and compliance.

Using a GPS tracking system is just like having a manager ride along with each driver. Costs of installing and using these systems are mitigated by the astounding benefits of the service. Consider looking into GPS tracking installations today.

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