Heater Repair in Denver


A heater is something a homeowner does not often think about failing, but it does. It usually fails on the coldest night of the year. This is not a cruel act of Mother Nature, but more likely the result of the homeowner not having a pre-season checkup of this complex piece of equipment. Many parts can break or stop working anyone of which can cause the furnace to stop putting out heat.

The thermocouple is often the cause of costly emergency service calls. The gas valve doesn’t operate correctly and this is another reason for an emergency call. The tension slips and the fan motor will not run. The motor can fail and this problem will result in an emergency service call.

Heater Repair in Denver is aware of the need for regular maintenance because they have seen the results of poor or lack of maintenance. The life of the furnace is shortened considerably. Ninety percent of furnace failures are caused by irregular maintenance. The following are some of the important parts to check:

1. Examine Burner Assembly for cracks.

2. Clean Secondary Heat Exchanger

3. Examine the Condensate Trap for proper functioning.

4. Complete Heat Exchanger Inspection for any abnormality

5. Check the Limit Safety

6. Inspect Combustion Chamber for dirt and cracks.

7. Gas Inlet Pressure

This is by no means a complete list since there are 30 parts and systems that require checking.

A clean heating system operates more efficiently and uses much less energy than one that hasn’t been properly maintained on a regular basis. Having Now Heating and Air clean your furnace each year will save you more money and decrease your carbon output into our atmosphere.

When dirt builds up in the furnace an obstruction is created which keeps the flames from burning as hot as they should. This will lower your comfort level as the furnace is trying to meet the temperature you asked for. Cleaning the burners and the rest of the heating system will provide efficient and comfortable operation of your furnace. The life of the furnace may be prolonged, and your heating costs will be reduced significantly. You will also be helping the environment. You may be preventing serious illness or even death by having any chance of carbon monoxide being released into the house eliminated.

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