Going to Hematology in Dodge City, KS Early Helps Fight Off Cancer

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Cancer Treatment Center

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When a call from your doctor tells you that you need to come in because they want to perform a biopsy, that doesn’t generate good news. However, depending on how it is looked at, it could be good news because if there is anything malignant to it, early detection is the best possible news one can get. This article will briefly address what happens when cancer is detected, diagnosed and treated.


Determining cancer, or any disease for that matter, is done by getting blood samples, along with other procedures (such as biopsies). This is where the field of hematology becomes the focus. Hematology studies the blood, particularly in disease situations. A center for Hematology in Dodge City KS, will most likely be involved in your case if you live near the area and are being treated for cancer. The hematologist will be involved in treating issues with your red blood cells, white blood cells, lymph nodes, bone marrow, platelets, and other areas involving your blood.


A cancer may first be detected by you as the patient or by your physician upon an examination. After this, the diagnosis must become apparent. It will tell you exactly what kind of cancer is being dealt with and in what stage (if detectable) the cancer is. The stage of the cancer will tell you not only where the cancer has spread, but what treatment options are best recommended. A stage 0 cancer means that it is the precancer stage while a stage 4 cancer means it has spread to another organ from its point of origin.


Involved in the treatment of the cancer is what is called the prognosis. The prognosis determines the probable outcome, based on certain variables like your age, condition of your health, the cancer’s stage, and how aggressive it is. A few visits to a center for Hematology in Dodge City KS, will help to bring all of this information to light. One such center in that area is the Cancer Center of Kansas. They have been helping patients in Kansas since 1975. You can Browse Cancer Center of Kansas by visiting their website, cancercenterofkansas.com. There you will find more information that may help put you at ease about cancer ailments. Or you can visit Google+ or Bing profile.

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