Planning Ahead Lets You Send Wedding Invitations on Time


One of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning is developing a timeline for mailing out invitations, announcements, and other important pieces of correspondence. Coming up with a timeline is especially important for couples inviting guests from many distant locations. Giving wedding guests adequate time to plan their travel and attendance is only polite; additionally, allowing people enough time to make travel arrangements increases the chance of their attendance. So when is the right time to send out Punjabi wedding invitation cards? The answer to this question depends in part on exactly what type of wedding you are planning to have.

If a holiday or destination wedding is being planned, sending out a save the date card several months in advance is best. This card is not exactly an invitation, though it informs people that they will be invited to an event taking place on a particular date or weekend. Magnets and other clever items can be used to share this information in a highly visible manner. Most sources of custom Punjabi wedding invitation cards can also provide you with custom save the date cards.

If the wedding is not being held on a special holiday or at a particular destination, save the date cards can be sent out a few months beforehand. Alternatively, you can opt to simply send out wedding invitations approximately six weeks before the event. Small, local gatherings do not generally call for save the date cards though announcements can be sent to friends and family to inform them of the upcoming union.

Some couples choose to have a smaller, private wedding ceremony with a larger, more public reception afterward. Everyone can be sent an invitation to the reception while the selected wedding guests will be informed of their invitation by means of additional Punjabi wedding invitation cards tucked into the envelopes. This is a simple and tasteful way of inviting wedding guests to both events while also ensuring that the correct correspondence reaches them at the same time.

Planning the correct time to send out wedding announcements, save the date cards, and various invitations can seem intimidating at first. Working with an experienced stationary shop, print shop, and wedding invitation printing service will help take the worry out of this important task. Creative, attractive invitations reflective of each couple’s values can be one part of celebrating this special occasion. Custom invitations let you invite guests in style.

Do you know when to mail your Punjabi wedding invitation cards? Print shops and card sellers can help you mail your Punjabi wedding invitation cards at the correct time. Visit Regal Cards.

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