Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Lexington – Raising the Bar for Sleep Comfort


There may not be too many things that can help you achieve a relaxing and comfortable nights rest as much as a mattress that includes memory foam. If you’re experiencing discomfort in your body, specifically, with your neck, back or other joints that are giving you trouble, you may want to make the switch to a gel memory foam mattress. Lexington residents who are not currently satisfied with their sleeping mattress, can consider upgrading to a modern memory foam product that can increase the quality of their sleeping experience.

Let’s review some of the features and benefits of these mattresses.

A gel memory foam mattress can help you achieve a greater comfort level during your times of sleep by helping reduce the temperature you experience as you are resting. Support and understand how heat absorption takes place with any particular mattress you may consider purchasing.

Comfortable Top Layer
One key aspect of your gel foam mattress is the top layer. This is the layer that is nearest to your body. You’ll probably want to have a layer of foam that is greater than 3 inches in order to provide you with the desired level of cradling comfort.

Foam Density
The density of the foam is also another important consideration. Foam density is defined as the mattresses weight in cubic feet of foam and it is an element that can significantly contribute to the level of comfort you experience. Ideally, it is beneficial to have at a minimum four pounds per cubic foot of foam density in your mattress.

Don’t forget about the warranty. It’s important to have a warranty with your mattress that is reasonable at the very least. He may not want to accept a warranty that runs for less than 10 years. You will likely find a quality manufacturers and suppliers of a gel memory foam mattress give you a solid warranty to back up the quality of their products.

As well avoid imitation foam mattresses if you want the real thing. Verify that the gel foam mattress you have under consideration to purchase is indeed not imitation foam but the authentic foam that will provide you with the necessary comfort.

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