DDoS Protection Companies – Providing Protection Against Internet Based Attacks

DDoS Protection Companies – Providing Protection Against Internet Based Attacks

The question may be asked: “what is DDoS?” In brief, DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and consists of an attack made by an outside party (cyber criminal) that depletes the resources available to a particular network, service, or application in order to prevent genuine, authorized users from gaining access. DDoS protection companies have the resources and capabilities to defend against these online attacks that threaten the security of businesses.

DDoS attacks continue to grow more complex as cyber criminals use tactics that include sly and hard to detect infiltrations along with high volume attacks in order to target applications and existing network security infrastructures such as IPS and firewalls.

Sophisticated Attacks
The sophisticated attackers of today are combining various forms of DDoS intrusions, including state of exhaustion, blending volumetric, and application layer attacks against the devices of an infrastructure within one combined single attack. These attacks tend to be very effective and difficult to defend against.

If your business is using applications such as email or other business applications that are hosted it is important to take advantage of the services offered by DDoS protection companies.

Protecting Your Business’s Cash Flow
Your business can also benefit from having DDoS protection in place in order to defend against threats affecting your company’s revenue. During a DDoS attack, it is likely that your connection to the Internet will go down as your business’s Internet bandwidth is confiscated. If you are a company that conducts online sales or has customers that go to your website for information, you can be impacted greatly by one of these attacks if your employees use the Internet for tasks at work or if they use an online database you can also benefit from the services offered by DDoS protection companies.

An experienced information technology company can equip your business with effective DDoS protection. Such a company may also be able to provide you with round-the-clock IT customer service in order to address and solve any IT issues you are facing, whether they involve DDoS attacks, DNS threats, application attacks, or SQL injections. With a reliable IT managed services provider handling these issues on your behalf, you can focus on the important tasks of operating your business.

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