Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Grease Trap Pumping Service In River Falls WI

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Grease Trap Pumping Service In River Falls WI

Business owners who run a restaurant must follow strict regulations concerning the municipal waste water system in their area. Individuals who run a restaurant must have a grease trap in place to prevent these solids from flowing into the sewer system. To make sure that the regulations are being met, restaurant owners must periodically contact a professional grease trap pumping service in River Falls WI. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this essential service for business owners.

Q.) What is the importance of a grease trap in a restaurant?

A.) Grease and oil, which are both frequently used in restaurants, cannot be disposed of in the sewer system. If these solids are allowed to go through the special drains and through the sewer system, it can cause the sewer lines to clog. A grease trap catches the grease and oil that floats on the top and then this trap is periodically pumped out by a professional.

Q.) How often should a business owner have the grease trap pumped out by a professional?

A.) Many business owners have their grease traps pumped out each month to make sure they function properly and don’t overflow. If the grease stays down in the trap too long, it will start to release foul odors. If the grease trap gets too full and runs over, this often leads to expensive repairs and possibly a temporary shut down of the restaurant.

Q.) How much does it cost to pump out a grease trap and what happens to the old grease?

A.) The cost of grease trap pumping depends on the amount of grease that’s pumped out of the restaurant and the location of the grease trap. To find out the rates for regularly scheduled grease trap pumping, contact an experienced company that specializes in Grease Trap Pumping Service in River Falls WI. After the company removes the grease from the trap, it’s transported to a specific dump location site.

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