Four Top Qualities of a Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Four Top Qualities of a Heavy Duty Tow Truck

In order to get vehicles unstuck and pull them out when there’s a problem, a large tow truck is needed. Not all tow trucks are created equally, however, as some are designed in a larger scale and are considered a much more heavy duty. A Heavy Duty Tow Truck possesses four top qualities that make it so beneficial to use.

Large Weight Capacity
SUVS and trucks often have a hitch that allow them to tow another vehicle. They can not just pull any, though, as there are certain weight requirements they must abide by. A tow truck is the better solution as it offers an incredibly large weight capacity. Rather than simply being able to pull out a small car, a tow truck is capable of towing any size vehicle, from a sports car to a 4by4 truck.

Flatbed Included
Some vehicles can not simply be pulled behind the truck. Those that are completely broken down and not drivable need to be transported in a different way. That is why a tow truck contains a flatbed. This space can accommodate the size of any vehicle. It allows it to be lifted up and set on the space, so it can then be transported to a nearby shop to be worked on.

Boom Winch
A boom winch is included on most tow trucks. If a vehicle goes over the edge of a bank or cliff, the boom winch is used to reach out and grab hold of the vehicle, since there is no safe space to back up the truck and get it loaded.

Multiple Rescue Options
The flatbed option and boom winch are not the only methods for rescuing a vehicle. A Heavy Duty Tow Truck possesses multiple rescue options to ensure any vehicle can be transported, no matter what the situation. A wheel-lift, hook, and chain, and integrated system are three additional options that help a tow truck get a hold of a vehicle that needs assistance.

Tow trucks provide assistance when a vehicle is broken down, stranded, stuck, or otherwise having trouble. Those in need of a tow can visit Spankyswrecker.com to learn more about the truck and how it can help.

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