Truck Freight Brokers – Taking Care of All Your Shipping Needs


Some companies have relatively simple needs when it comes to shipping. They may ship everything by the full trailer load, and their shipping routes may stay the same from month to month. Also, they might use the same trailers for all their products. However, many companies today have a variety of shipping requirements, and this is why truck freight brokers can be a huge asset to your business. Here are some of the shipping services they can help you with.

Flatbed Shipping
Flatbed loads have special needs, and the cost for this kind of shipping can vary a great deal from carrier to carrier. Top truck freight brokers have years of experience with flatbed shipping and will find you the perfect carrier. For example, a good broker is there when you need to haul oversized materials, to help make sure everything goes smoothly.

Whatever kind of flatbed service you need, truck freight brokers can help. This includes basic flatbeds, RGNs, and double drops. Also, you might occasionally have the need for partial loads, and your broker can find you the most affordable and competent service, including owner/operators.

Perishable Goods
If you are shipping refrigerated or frozen goods, your loads must be kept at a specific temperature at all times. Also, goods like produce must get to their destination in the shortest possible timeframe. Truck freight brokers understand the needs for temperature controlled shipping. They work with only the most trusted and reliable shippers who have the most modern and up to date refrigerated equipment.

Hazardous Materials
If you must ship hazardous materials, there are many different laws and regulations to consider. Trusted truck freight brokers understand the regulations concerning these materials. They can assist you with a wide range of classes, and help you find the right shipper and most affordable rates.

Special Services
Some loads have special needs. For example, a customer may require the driver to unload or tailgate goods. Some of your customers may not own regulation loading docks, and you might need a truck with a special lift end gate which also contains a ramp.

Some loads may require tarping or additional means of securing like chains or ropes. Perhaps you are shipping palletized loads, and you need to bring back pallets (exchange program). Experienced truck freight brokers can handle most of your needs, and this makes it possible to lower your operating costs, and you will not have to worry about a very important aspect of your business.

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