Four Important Factors To Consider With Portable Heaters

Four Important Factors To Consider With Portable Heaters

Have the necessary heat on a job is not only important, but it is also essential. When the correct temperature range is not maintained it is more challenging to get the job done, and it is also problematic with working with a wide range of materials on the job. For industrial use, having the right portable heaters on-site makes a big difference in the efficiency of getting the job done.

These mobile heaters can include completely self-contained styles of heaters that are designed on their own durable frame. With single or dual axles these powerful heaters are able to go where you need them, and since they are self-contained, there is no need to accommodate for an external power source.

Another option for the larger portable heaters models is a skid mounted heater. These heaters can be designed to burn a range of different fuels including vapor propane, diesel and natural gas. Ideally, these are a more permanent option for longer duration use or when there is a significant need to heat larger spaces.

Requirements for Heat

All types of heaters are rated as to the number of BTU per hour produced by the heater. For the larger industrial types of portable heaters, this information will also include the size of the air discharge as well as the airflow capacity through the system.

As with any type of heating systems, choosing the correct size of heater is going to be critical to both maintaining a constant temperature as well as the efficiency of the unit itself. Undersized units will always be less efficient than those that are carefully selected for the specific environment and job specifications.

Location of the Heater

The larger sizes of heaters for construction sites, mines, oilfield work or other types of projects in cold climates may be designed to be used in a building or outdoors. For most applications, having the unit to the outside of the building not only saves space, but it also creates a safe working environment.

Another essential factor to consider is the type of heat produced. The best industrial portable heaters will be direct fired or produce indirect heat, which means there is always fresh air through the system, there is no added moisture into the air, and there is no exposed flame in the heating process. Additionally, top heaters will provide the option to pressurize buildings and enclosed spaces, providing better circulation and more even heating.

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