Experienced Legal Advice in Fair Oaks, CA Is Essential for Divorce Cases


There are certain things that only happen once or maybe twice in a person’s life. Marriage and divorce are among those things. Since divorce isn’t something people do every day, it’s important not to go through it alone. The earlier an unhappy spouse gets legal advice in Fair Oaks, CA, the more likely it will be that they’ll have a favorable outcome. Divorce involves much more than establishing separate bank accounts and moving out of the family home. All of the marital assets and debts must be legally divided, and permanent arrangements must be made for a couple’s minor children.

It is rare for a couple to agree on all aspects of their divorce. This is why getting legal advice in Fair Oaks, CA from an attorney who has experience in divorce cases, is essential. Spouses sometimes give up things they may be entitled to in a divorce because they feel guilty, because they are being bullied by the other spouse or because they simply want to put the matter behind them. Giving up too much, though, can leave a spouse without enough money to start over.

All of the couple’s assets, including businesses, retirement accounts and real estate, must be divided. Depending on the type of assets, it might be necessary to bring in financial professionals to assist in the divorce case to ensure each spouse gets an equitable portion of the assets they acquired while they were married. Debts must also be divided. This part of the divorce is often contentious because one spouse often spends more money than the other. However, unless there is an agreement to do it differently, debts are divided equitably as well.

The other major factor in a divorce is the custody and support of the couple’s children. Spouses rarely agree on this aspect. For parents who need help making arrangements for their kids, Attorney Hugh O. Allen could be a valuable resource. Experienced legal representatives understand the law concerning custody and child support and may help clients make decisions based on the law and the interests of their children rather than emotions.

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