Four Advantages of Installing a High-Efficiency Gas Furnace in Hartford, CT


Efficient home heating is essential to keeping families warm and safe, particularly in New England where the outdoor temperatures reach well below freezing during many months of the year. There are a variety of options available to homeowners, but the majority of them continue to employ the tried and tested method of using a gas Furnace in Hartford CT. For those getting ready to invest in a new furnace, below are just a few of the reasons that they continue to be popular.

Longer Lifespan

High-quality gas furnaces typically last twice as long as most other contemporary heating solutions. They are made of durable materials and designed to operate with minimal maintenance. Having them checked once a year will further increase their lifespans, allowing homeowners to go longer without having to worry about a replacement.

Higher Efficiency

Since gas furnaces can heat air to a higher temperature over a much shorter period of time, they can actually end up lowering monthly bills. Modern gas furnaces operate at efficiency rates of between 85% and 95%, meaning that they will consume less fuel than their older counterparts. Homes that employ zone heating can operate even more heat-efficiently. Zone heating is a system that allows residents to heat only the rooms that they are actually using. Since gas furnaces can heat a room so quickly, this is a practical way to save money in the long run.

No Need for Fuel Delivery

Since gas can be delivered directly to a home as needed in most populated areas, gas furnaces are also less of a hassle. This also means that homeowners need pay for only as much gas as they require. Those in the process of building a new home, or making the switch from another energy source, may want to contract the installation through a company that can also install the gas lines themselves.

Lower Installation Cost

Finally, purchasing and installing a new gas furnace is just plain less expensive than most of the alternatives. This is particularly true when the equipment and installation are contracted through a dedicated heating company.

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