What Lawsuit Clients Should Know about Construction Accidents in Kent County, Michigan


When independent contractors and other employees work for a primary contractor on an industrial job, they expect the environment in which they work to be reasonably safe. Industrial and construction work come with natural perils that may not be present in other jobs, but the workers have a right to expect to be reasonably protected. Certain personal protective equipment must be worn (either at the primary contractor’s or the individual’s own expense). Nonetheless, accidents often happen at work sites. There are attorneys who handle lawsuits involving Construction Accidents in Kent County, Michigan. Here is information that clients should be aware of.

Clients should realize that as a rule, primary contractors are not responsible for the accidents that occur to independent contractors or other workers under them, if they are found to be negligent. However, there are certain situations where the injured plaintiff is allowed to bring a viable lawsuit against the primary contractor. For example, four elements must be present for the lawsuit to stick. There has to be a general contractor in a supervisory capacity. The work area should be commonly shared by subcontractors. There must be apparent and avoidable danger in the common area, and that danger must create high risk to a lot of workers.

The client should also be aware that workers’ compensation is available to him or her when involved in construction accidents. The client also has the right to sue others that may have contributed to his or her injury. This means there will be two claims, one for the workers’ compensation, and the other for pain and suffering. However, the client would not be able to collect double. The client should consult with an attorney to get the best course of action.

The Bleakley Law Offices P C have been providing legal solutions to clients in the West Michigan area for over three decades. They represent clients in social security disability claims, workers’ compensation claims, and personal injury claims, including slips and falls, injuries from animals, auto accidents and construction accidents. If any individuals are looking for lawyers who can represent them for Construction Accidents in Kent County, Michigan, they can visit the attorneys’ website.

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