Facts Concerning Teeth Implants in Eagan MN


Until recently, the loss of teeth was considered normal. Many people have suffered the consequences of this old belief and have to live with the physical and psychological repercussions associated with the absence of one, several, or all of their teeth. But Teeth Implants in Eagan MN can change all that.

Lost a tooth? No problem!

Teeth Implants in Eagan MN provide an effective replacement of lost teeth, something of which has always been one of the essential concerns of dentistry. In addition, research has progressed dramatically in recent decades. Techniques and materials that allow synthetic elements to be added to a person’s jaws, which were previously reserved for natural teeth, are now one of the most highly-evolved solutions every designed.

What happens when a person loses their teeth?

This short question leads to a rather elaborate answer. When teeth are extracted, there is also a loss of bone that holds the teeth in place. Once the teeth have been removed, the surrounding bone will rapidly reabsorb and lose its volume.

Dental roots naturally transfer the masticatory forces to the bones of the maxilla, providing them with the stimulation necessary for constant reconstruction. If these roots are absent, the bone no longer gets “exercise” and the volume lost should be replaced either by a larger prosthesis or by a reconstruction bone graft. This factor will have a significant impact on the choice of treatment.

Can conventional prostheses play a role?

Conventional prostheses are supported on the gums and cannot generate permanent bone reconstruction. The maxillaries are reabsorbed and gradually subside. This bone loss can trigger an imbalance that may cause abnormal tensions and relaxations on the muscles of the face and neck.

This explains the gradual appearance of facial and cervical pain and is a major reason why toothless people seem to age more quickly than others. Their lips sink, and their chin is projected towards their nose because of the lack of muscle required to maintain the delicate balance of the person’s facial morphology. Movement of the prosthesis during mastication eventually affects the adjacent teeth and may eventually cause loss of teeth.

The Dakota Dental & Implant Center can repair this or could ensure it does not happen to begin with.

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