Eye Doctors Recommend Overall Fitness


Exercise can help you look younger and regain focus, lose weight or even improve muscle tone, but it has a lot of other benefits too. One of the greatest benefits to improving your exercise regimen is that it can lead to improved eyesight.

Links Between Exercise and Eye Health

Several health journals have shown a link between regular exercise and an improvement in eyesight and general eye health. An eye doctor in Highland Park recently said that exercising regularly can reduce or even eliminate the risk of ailments like glaucoma and vascular deterioration and even prevent acute macular degeneration. Certainly, exercise itself doesn’t directly affect your eyesight, but it can absolutely affect other health issues such as diabetes. Patients with diabetes experience severe damage the blood vessels of the eye. This invariably leads to diabetic retinopathy in patients. This is an outcome a regular fitness regimen can prevent. High blood pressure is also a very common trigger for eye disease. Remembering to exercise regularly can help prevent heart disease, blood clots, hypertension in men and women. Blood clots leading to strokes are another way eye damage occurs. Working out regularly can help prevent strokes as well.

The Statistics Going Forward

Statistics tell us that the U.S. population ages, by 2050 we will more than double the overall amount of people with impaired vision and eye disease. Eye exams can help reduce the overall numbers, but eye disease will continue to be a global health issue.  Eye doctors are now recommending exercise to prevent the early onset of symptoms and to maintain the health levels that can reduce the risk of eye disease.

Finding Local Eye Care

Finding the right health care professional is relatively easy for patients who do a little research. Eye doctors are available locally to treat patients who require treatment, care and prescription eyewear. Anyone who requires care should seek out a local trained doctor to perform a wellness check and an eye screening.

If you are looking for an eye doctor in Highland Park, contact Jackson Eye of Lake Villa.

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