Enlisting Help From Anne Arundel County Animal Control When Squirrels Become A Nuisance

Enlisting Help From Anne Arundel County Animal Control When Squirrels Become A Nuisance

When a homeowner has a problem with squirrels getting into their attic frequently, they will want to call a service that specializes in Anne Arundel County Animal Control to come to the rescue. A pest control service will be able to effectively trap and relocate squirrels, so they are no longer causing destruction to personal property. It is important to take steps to keep squirrels from returning after they are removed from a home. Here are some steps a homeowner can take to ensure squirrels do not take up residence in their attic again in the future.

Remove Attractions From The Property

It is best to do some work to the grounds in an attempt to make them less desirable to squirrels. Removing food sources will most likely cause squirrels to vacate the property to look for a meal elsewhere. If the home has fruit or nut bearing trees, it may be beneficial to have them removed from the property altogether. Avoiding putting out bird food will also be helpful in keeping squirrels away. It is also a good idea to take up outdoor food dishes as soon as outdoor pets finish eating.

Check The Exterior Of The Home For Entryways

Sealing any areas on the exterior of the home that squirrels may be using to get into the attic is important. Check the outside of the home for any spots where holes are present. These can be filled in with pieces of steel wool and then covered with rigid flashing. Cracks can be filled in with expandable foam or caulk as well. Place a chimney cap on the chimney, so squirrels cannot get into the home via the fireplace.

Tend To Trees To Make It Harder To Get Inside

Cut branches that hang over the home so squirrels cannot get onto the roof easily. Place a two or three-foot band of sheet metal around the perimeter of each tree neighboring the home. This can be nailed to the tree several feet from ground level. Squirrels will not be able to climb the tree when this is present.

When there is a need for an Anne Arundel County Animal Control to come to a property to help remove squirrels from an attic, a call will need to be made to a reputable service in the area. Take a look at websiteto schedule an appointment.

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