4 Reasons For Adenoid Removal In Allentown PA

4 Reasons For Adenoid Removal In Allentown PA

Everyone is born with adenoids. They are a gland that is located on the roof of the mouth. They are behind the soft pallet, in the area where the nose and throat connect. Their purpose is to produce antibodies that help fight infection. As a child grows, the adenoids shrink. By the time most people become adults, their adenoids will have disappeared. In most cases, the adenoids won’t cause problems. In others, they will, and the individual would need to look into Adenoid Removal in Allentown PA.

Frequent Ear Infections

If a child gets frequent ear infections, it could be due to swolle00n adenoids. If the problem is allowed to continue, it can lead to hearing loss. If the child is very young and they lose their hearing due to their swollen adenoids, it can result in speech problems. A doctor will consider removing the adenoids for three reasons. First, it the child’s infection doesn’t respond to antibiotics. Second, if the child gets more than 5 or 6 ear infections each year. Finally, if the child’s education is suffering due to frequent absences resulting from the ear infections, the doctor may decide to remove their adenoids.

Throat Issues

Children who get sore throats and have difficulty swallowing could have a problem with their adenoids. Parents should look into Adenoid Removal in Allentown PA to make their children more comfortable.

Difficulty Breathing

It can be difficult for a child to breath if their adenoids are swollen. The child can still get enough oxygen. However, the swollen adenoids can make breathing through the nose difficult. Also, children with swollen adenoids will become habitual mouth breathers if the problem is not treated.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a very dangerous condition. When the individual is sleeping, there will be periods of time where they will stop breathing. If the child takes too long to start breathing again, this condition can result in permanent brain injury and even death. If a child suffers from obstructive sleep apnea due to swollen adenoids, they should be removed right away.

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