Emphasizing The Look Of Minneapolis Granite Countertops

Emphasizing The Look Of Minneapolis Granite Countertops

The decision to upgrade an existing kitchen to include granite countertops in your Minneapolis home is one you will not regret. These beautiful and durable natural stone counters require only minimal upkeep and occasional sealing to add an amazing element to any kitchen design or renovation.

To make the most of your investment in granite countertops, there are some simple tips you can use to highlight your counters and to really let the natural colors, depth, and beauty of these counters take center stage.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

One of the benefits of granite over marble is the availability of more vibrant and pronounced colors and patterns. Choosing a bold color and pattern is going to draw more attention to your counters, while a more neutral color will create a balance between the various elements in the kitchen.

Both are great design options, just be sure to know what look you are trying to achieve before choosing the pattern and color that is right for your Minneapolis kitchen.

Uncluttered Counters

To allow the largest surface area of counter possible, avoid cluttering up the counters with a lot of appliances and added elements. To really develop the pattern and colors in the kitchen, show as much of uninterrupted countertop as possible.
Talk to your kitchen renovation or design professional and build in storage or shelving for appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers that keep the countertops open.

Consider an Island

A terrific way to highlight granite countertops is by adding an island. This can be a small or larger island that is used for food prep or entertaining. This extra counter space ties the kitchen counters together with the rest of the room. It also provides extra space to eat, visit or cook, the choice will be entirely up to you.

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