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If you are looking at music options for your next party, you are probably deciding between a band, a set playlist, and DJ services. As far as musical variety is concerned, both a DJ and a playlist can usually offer more variety than a band, but great live band has its own appeal. However, at Limelight Entertainment, which provides DJ services in NJ, we feel like a DJ is your best option, because DJs provide services that you do not get if you play your own music and that most live bands do not provide;

  1. DJs watch the crowd. The whole goal of having music at your party is to get people up, dancing, having a great time. A great DJ watches the crowd and tweaks the playlist to keep people up and moving. A great band may try to do the same thing, but even the most versatile band is not going to have a playlist that comes anywhere near what a DJ can bring. Your own prerecorded playlist is not going to be able to respond to the crowd’s moves.
  2. The DJ can keep the party flowing. You would be surprised at how small announcements by a DJ can help direct people where to go, let them know what is happening, and clear up any confusion any guests may be experiencing. DJs are experienced at these announcements and can make them part of the party, so that they can give direction without seeming obtrusive.
  3. A DJ can provide other things to enhance the party. Need lights, fog machines, strobes, or anything else to create an awesome dance floor? Usually a DJ company will have these things and will provide you a package rental discount on them.
  4. DJs are professional. Sure, you could ask a friend to perform the same functions as a DJ. You might even have a friend with some basic DJ equipment who sometimes DJs as a hobby, but if you hire a professional DJ, you know that the DJ will show up and do the job you have hired him to do.

At Limelight Entertainment, we are proud of our New Jersey DJ services. We love music, we love helping create epic parties, and we love having satisfied customers.

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