Diesel Exhaust Fumes Are A Known Cancer Causing Carcinogen

Diesel Exhaust Fumes Are A Known Cancer Causing Carcinogen

There is absolutely no doubt that diesel fumes cause cancer. Long term research into the effects of diesel fumes showed that the relationship between diesel fumes and cancer are higher than expected, the International Agency for Research on Cancer upgraded their classification from possible to definite; diesel fumes are definitely carcinogenic, as bad as asbestos. If it can be proven in court by a diesel fumes lawyer that the fumes are the definitive cause of the cancer, the court can award significant damages.

What actually are diesel fumes?

Diesel fuel is derived from crude oil, when it is burnt in an engine it generates exhaust. The exhaust is made up of gases and minute particles of soot. Large diesel engines, especially those made some time ago create more fumes. These types of engines are found in trucks, trains, buses, generators, farm equipment and construction equipment.

The gases and soot are known to cause many illnesses, including cancer.

Exposure to diesel fumes:

There are many people employed in jobs that expose them to high concentrations of diesel exhaust. People that drive trucks, work as toll booth collectors, dock and railroad workers are in particular peril. If these people should contact cancer as a result of employer negligence they can hire a diesel fumes lawyer and sue for compensation. Of course, it is not only workers, people that are passengers on busses and trains as well as those stuck in endless traffic are also at risk.

What’s being done about the problem?

Although both federal and state governments are taking steps to reduce the emissions from diesel engines, a lot more work still needs to be done.

The EPA has adopted much stricter standards which reduces the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel. Over time this is expected to reduce emissions from the exhaust considerably.

New standards have also been put in place by engine manufacturers. Engines used in heavy trucks, construction equipment, trains as well as ships are being rapidly improved.

Even with this focus on reducing harmful emissions from diesel powered machines, there are plenty of existing engines that will last for many years.

If you believe that exposure to diesel fumes and exhaust is responsible for your cancer you need to hire a seasoned diesel fumes lawyer. You are invited to contact Diesel Injury Law for a free evaluation of your case.

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