Did the Solar Eclipse Affect Your Vision?

Did the Solar Eclipse Affect Your Vision?

Solar eclipses are a lot of fun and enjoyment, but they come so infrequently. If you did not buy eclipse viewing glasses or use the proper viewing methods for this special event, you could have problems with your vision. In fact, every time an eclipse occurs, a few people end up damaging their eyesight. Here are some common symptoms and problems which can occur if you are not careful.

Solar Retinopathy

Solar or photic retinopathy refers to retinal damage caused by looking at the sun for prolonged periods. It is sometimes caused by looking at extremely bright light sources like arc welding and can create holes in the outer retina. Fortunately, most conditions improve in time but can take as long as one year to go away. However, some cases result in permanent damage. Solar retinopathy symptoms usually appear within a few hours of exposure, and include:

* Blurred vision

* Blind spots in vision

* Light sensitivity

* Color vision changes (chromatopsia)

* Distorted or unusual vision

How to Avoid Eye Damage

The best way to protect your vision is also one of the easiest ways. Simply get some approved eclipse viewing glasses. However, children are especially vulnerable to eye damage from eclipses because they may not understand the dangers involved. Parents, teachers, child care workers, and anyone responsible for looking after kids, must make sure they receive protection during the eclipse event.

It is important to talk to kids about the dangers of looking at the sun. Buy inexpensive eclipse viewing glasses and show the kids how to use them.

See Your Eye Care Professional

If you suspect you or someone you know has solar retinopathy see your eye doctor as soon as possible. Remember, other hazards can cause this condition too. In fact, it is probably a good time for a vision checkup, so make an appointment soon.

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