Choosing the Best Low Calorie Snacks


There is a lot of misinformation about the relationship between carbs, protein, fat and healthy eating. A lot of people assume that low calorie foods are good for you, or at least good food to snack on, but this is often not the case.

In fact, studies show that people often overeat low calorie foods, as well as overconsuming low-fat foods. This can result in eating a lot more calories than anticipated, which defeats the purpose of eating low calorie in the first place.

The Low Calorie Problem

Low calorie foods are simply not filling for the body. They also do not contain complex carbs from natural, whole ingredients, nor do they contain the ingredients that give us energy and allow us to function. The result is once the food is consumed, people often continue to feel hungry, which triggers grabbing an “unhealthy” but satisfying snack.

The other problem with many low calorie foods is that they are filled with artificial ingredients. These can include artificial sweeteners and flavorings, both of which are not healthy for the body.

The best low calorie snacks are balanced, provide proteins, energy, complex carbs and natural sweeteners. They also make you feel like are satisfied after you have finished the snack.

The Best Low Calorie Snacks

Look at the ingredients label and the nutritional breakdown to find the best low calorie snacks. The ingredients should list natural and organic items without a lot of chemicals and unpronounceable names.

Additionally, look at the top few items on the list. They should have dates, organic, gluten-free oats, nut butters and the addition of slow roasted coffee for both antioxidants and caffeine.

There are different bars on the market, with some that have different flavors so you can find the one you enjoy the most. These bars are ideal for a healthy snack anytime, and they help you to feel full, not like those empty calorie snacks.

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