Dental Care in Queens, NY Will Keep Teeth Healthy

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Dentist

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People require dental care in Queens, NY at all ages. Once we get our first teeth as babies, it is important to start learning correct oral hygiene. It is also best to regularly visit a dentist to monitor for any issues with teeth. Teeth can be misaligned, get damaged, become diseased and many other issues. Dentists are trained correct any issues with patient’s teeth and help patients learn better dental hygiene skills. By visiting a dentist, you have many procedures and treatments available to improve your teeth.

1. Braces are used to improve the placement or spacing of teeth. In this, wires are attached to metal brackets that have been attached to the teeth. The wires are then slowly tightened over an extended period of time, often several years. This gradually moves teeth into a more desirable location. Most commonly, teens wear braces, but many adults have benefited from them as well. After braces are removed, a retainer is sometimes worn to keep teeth in their correct placement.

2. Dental Implants are used to replace any missing teeth. The implant is surgically inserted under the gum and left to heal. After healing, a replacement tooth can be attached and function as a normal tooth would. Implants are a good choice because they do not have many of the problems associated with dentures. Implants appear like normal, authentic teeth to others and can vastly improve a person’s self-esteem.

3. Dental Whitening is used to return teeth’s natural whiteness. As we grow older, teeth can become discolored from different drinks, medicines and foods that we consume. Some people use at-home whitening kits, but they can be messy and ineffective. Professional whitening offers better results in a safer environment.

4. Bonding is used to repair small chips in teeth. A bit of porcelain or composite is used to replace the missing piece. This helps the tooth retain its structure and keeps it from getting damaged further. It also improves the appearance of the broken tooth. Often, people cannot tell that a tooth has been repaired in this way.

5.By receiving dental care in Queens, NY, you can make sure you keep your teeth healthy and looking their best. Northern Plaza Dental Care offers many solutions and treatments for keeping your teeth attractive and clean. While regular maintenance may keep teeth from becoming diseased or decayed, there is still a chance that an accident could injure teeth. Dentists can fix any problem with a patient’s teeth.

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