Decoding Descriptions of Houses for Rent in New York City

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Health & Medical

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Those new to the market are sometimes unfamiliar with the various terms used to describe houses for rent in New York City. As you read through descriptions, it’s helpful to know the different unit styles.


Single-Room Apartments


The most basic and often sought style is the studio, which is at times called a straight studio or two-room apartment. This is because it’s essentially a single room that hosts all living space, plus a sleeping area, in one. The only room that’s closed off from the main area is the bathroom. The studio will have either a full-kitchen or a half-kitchen in the main room as well.


One variant of the traditional studio is the alcove studio. It’s the same general concept as the customary studio, but will usually form an “L” shape or have a nook that can be walled or screened off to provide a somewhat private sleeping area.


Another similar style is the convertible studio or junior one-bedroom. These apartments will have an additional space apart from the main living area. This room can vary greatly in size, so it may only be adequate to serve as storage. In some cases, however, it may be large enough to host a bed. Be sure to verify in advance if the extra space is worth the expense for your specific needs.


A final style that may or may not be a single-room apartment is a loft. Lofts are typically converted commercial space and are known for their high ceilings and vast windows. Because they’re repurposed space, lofts can contain any number of rooms, but are commonly done up as studios.




One-bedroom apartments are sometimes referred to as three-room apartments. They have a separate sleeping area that’s totally enclosed. The kitchen area can vary, though, and might be a dine-in or half-kitchen.


There are also junior-fours. They’re considered a one-bedroom, but also contain an additional small space like the junior one-bedroom does. Again, this space might be able to serve as a bedroom, or it could be very tiny.


Two-Bedroom Apartments


The term “two-bedroom apartment” is fairly straightforward. You can expect two standard-size bedrooms, as well as living space, a kitchen area and one or two bathrooms. A wing two-bedroom refers to the same, but any living space is sandwiched between the two bedrooms.


Three-Bedroom Apartments


The three-bedroom should be as expected as well. The only deviation from the norm is what’s known as the “Classic Six.” Those are essentially two-bedroom apartments with a smaller third bedroom or maid’s room.


Due to the wide variety in houses for rent in New York City, it’s wise to clarify with the owner or manager what each dwelling is like. Knowing these key terms will help you select the place that suits your needs best.

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