Services Provided By A Zinc Plating Company

Services Provided By A Zinc Plating Company

Finishing products for functional use and improved longevity are the goals of many manufacturing concerns. To reach it, they adopt a variety of procedures. Among the many common methods is electroplating. Today’s manufacturing sector depends heavily on the services a plating company provides to improve the components and, therefore, the final products their factory sell to consumers and other clients.

Zinc Electroplating Companies

Electroplating grants the base or substrate metal surface with certain qualities. Zinc is a favorite metal for its ability to provide several crucial characteristics. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Corrosive resistance- both marine and environmental




A zinc plating company understand this and knows how to apply zinc and zinc alloys to create a product that meets the highest expectations and exacting specifications of their clients.

Plating Services

Zinc plating, as provided by many companies, is more than a singular service. The best plating companies offer options as well as value-added services. They consult their clients and discuss the best possible solutions. They even offer specialized services not readily or easily addressed by mass or standard plating methods. A full-service zinc electroplating company will have a list of options that includes the following:

Zinc plating

Zinc alloy plating including zinc-nickel, zinc iron and zinc chromate

Different plating options e.g. barrel plating, rack plating, manual plating and/or automated plating

Trivalent Passivation

Application of Sealers or Topcoats

Other possible services include barcoding, masking, special packaging sorting and inspection and truck transportation.

Plating Company Services

Plating is a growing concern. Zinc and its alloys are becoming popular coatings for various industries – particularly those who utilize steel and iron as substrates for their components. Between now and 2020, research indicates this sector will continue to thrive. For a zinc plating company that produces quality and affordable work, it could well be a time of prosperous growth.

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