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It can be enormously difficult to deal with the death of a loved one. There are numerous decisions to make regarding funeral services, including whether the deceased person is to be cremated or buried. The process of cremation turns the decedent’s body to ashes, which can be an uncomfortable subject for some family members. However, cremation is more cost-efficient and eco-friendly than traditional funerals in San Diego CA. Local funeral homes are committed to offering quality funeral and cremation services and, below, is a guide to the memorial and cremation process.

What is Involved in the Cremation Process?

During a cremation, the deceased person’s body is put in the cremation chamber. Following insertion, the body is reduced to ashes using flames and heat of up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as effective as it is, the cremation process alone will not create uniformly sized human remains. Crematory staff must grind up the remaining fragments of bone and add them to the ashes before putting them in an urn for presentation to the family. From start to finish, the cremation process typically takes a few hours or less, depending on a variety of factors.

What Can Families Expect From Cremation Services?

A deceased person’s body is not embalmed or put in a casket before cremation, which greatly reduces the cost of the process. The person’s family members may view the body before cremation takes placeĀ if they choose to do so. Depending on the family’s religious beliefs, they may elect to have the urn displayed at the memorial service. If the person did not outline his or her preferences for cremation or burial, the former is an affordable, eco-friendly option. Families have the option to display the urn in the home or spread the person’s ashes in a place that was meaningful to the deceased.

Call a Local Provider for Compassionate, Professional Service and Advice

Whether a family needs cremation, funeral planning, or funerals in San Diego CA to honor their loved one, local funeral homes and crematories can provide compassionate, professional, and high-quality assistance. Visit the website for more information or call to set up a consultation.

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