Conquer Spring with an Industrial Central Vacuum System


Spring brings a lot of great things: warm weather, blooming flowers and longer days. But, it also brings allergies with it, and these allergies cause a lot of discomforts and missed work days for employees.

Proper dusting and vacuuming within your business can help reduce the suffering of your employees by reducing the pollen in the air and on surfaces. Even if your business keeps doors and windows closed, a certain amount of pollen gets in each day just from traffic moving in and out of the building. Changing air filters and running the air conditioning can help, but a thorough cleaning is essential.

An industrial central vacuum system can really help you keep the pollen at bay. Industrial vacuums offer far more suction, so these really get the dust and pollen out of the air far better than traditional vacuum systems. Not only will your business be pollen-free, but it will also be much cleaner than before.

With an industrial central vacuum system, cleaning will also be much faster for your cleaning crew. Central vacuum systems offer outlets in every room, making it a breeze to clean. Some even clean automatically by opening vents throughout the room, with no intervention required to get the floor cleaned. Because the dust and dirt go to a central repository, you save time emptying dirt bins or changing bags.

Take a look at the different kinds of industrial central vacuum systems available to decide which one will work best for your company. There are a wide variety of features and models available. Installation does require some work, so be sure to talk with a vendor that can handle your installation. Once you install an industrial central vacuum system, you can be your employees, and your cleaning crew will thank you!

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