Commonly Asked Questions That Homeowners Ask About A Tree Pruning Service

Commonly Asked Questions That Homeowners Ask About A Tree Pruning Service

Hiring a professional service to prune trees has many benefits, which include maintaining the health of the trees, stimulating growth and improving their beauty. Homeowners who have questions about pruning trees and hiring a Tree Pruning Service should read the information below to learn the answers to commonly asked questions.

Does pruning a fruit tree boost its fruit production?

Pruning a fruit tree can increase fruit yields in two different ways. When the limbs on a fruit tree are thinned out, the tree is able to produce fruit that is more plentiful and larger in size. Additionally, removing branches in the middle of the tree creates an open space. This enables the sun to reach this area of the tree so it produces more fruit.

Is there a certain time of the year that homeowners should trim their trees?

To keep trees healthy and to avoid interfering with fruit production of fruit trees homeowners should always have their trees pruned when they become dormant. The best months for pruning include December, January and the first few weeks in February. It’s best to prune trees when the leaves are gone as this allows a clear view of all sections of the tree. If the leaves are still on the trees they can hide many of the branches that may need to be trimmed off the tree.

What are some more benefits of contacting a professional for tree pruning?

It’s not unusual for trees to develop diseases or infestations from insects. When this occurs, the diseased or weak branches should be trimmed from the tree. If these branches are left on the tree, the disease can easily contaminate other trees on the property. Hiring a professional for tree pruning is very beneficial to the health of the diseased tree and the trees nearby. Trees that aren’t pruned can also be unsafe. Dead branches can easily fall to the ground and cause an injury to someone or to their personal property. Hiring a Tree Pruning Service also has safety benefits for homeowners, their family and guests.

Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. offers professional tree pruning in Southern California. Additional services include tree removal, stump grinding, yard cleanup and palm tree skinning. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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