Common Signs You Need To Find Waukesha Pump Parts

Common Signs You Need To Find Waukesha Pump Parts

The full line of Waukesha sanitary pumps is designed for durability and reliability. However, as with any component in a system, there will be the need to provide maintenance as well as an occasional replacement of Waukesha pump parts.

Depending on the type of pump there will be different system parts that may need replacement. In most cases, there will be signs of pending issues when most parts need replacement, but some can be more difficult to spot than in sanitary processing and production systems.

Seal Problems

One of the first signs of wear and tear on Waukesha pump parts is often decreased pumping ability. This is often noted with poor pressure through the system or constant changes in the pressure.

Depending on the model and type of pump, it may be a problem with the seals. This will be seen on the Waukesha Universal 2 pump that uses an O-ring on both the back and front of the rotors. When the seals fail to hold, fluid can get into the rotor and pump shaft area, causing performance issues.

O-rings are a very low-cost part to replace and are used on the Universal 1 model. The Universal 2 or U2 pump uses a mechanical seal, which is long lasting even though it is more expensive to replace.


As part of the annual maintenance recommendations for all types of Waukesha pumps, checking the bearings will be a necessary task. Common signs of bearing failures are most often seen when the pump is overloaded, incorrectly sized for the system or when there is a failure to provide correct lubrication. Overheating of the pump can also be a contributing factor to bearing issues.

Most suppliers that stock Waukesha pump parts will have both seals and bearings as regular in-stock items. This will allow quick shipping of the parts needed to complete the repair.

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