Common Problems That May Require HVAC Repair in Colorado Springs

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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HVAC units are usually built to be very long-lasting and reliable. However, your HVAC unit hasn’t been built to last forever. Homeowners will run into problems with their units from time to time. Some of the problems you’ll run into will be minor, and others may require a professional service for HVAC Repair in Colorado Springs. The following are a few of the common problems most HVAC owners typically run into.

Clogged filters are a huge problem for HVAC units and can hurt your unit if you’re not careful. All units have installed filters that work to trap the allergens and debris that may be present in the air. However, your filter will eventually become clogged from all of these trapped particles. A clogged filter can interrupt a unit’s airflow and this can force the unit to work harder. If you feel your unit is running harder than normal and you’re not getting the right amount of cool air, remove the filter and simply have it replaced.

Speaking of clogs, you’ll want to make sure the drain line for your unit is always clear. HVAC units tend to produce a lot of condensation when cooling a home, and this condensation needs to drain out somewhere. The drain line works to guide the water away from the unit and out of the home. However, these lines occasionally become clogged, and when this happens water can back up into the home and damage the unit. You may need to call Parkey’s Heating and Air Conditioning in order to clear the line.

Sticking with the theme, homeowners should make sure that the condenser coils for their unit are free from debris as well. The condenser is located outside, and as a result is often exposed to the weather and other outdoor elements. Since condenser coils tend to get dirty you should try to clean them every once in awhile. Thankfully, a water hose can easily be used to clean the coils and keep the unit running as it should.

These are just a few of the common tips you can use in order to help you avoid an expensive HVAC Repair in Colorado Springs. Again, consider changing your unit’s filter every few months. Always make sure the drain line connected to your unit is free from debris. Lastly, keep your condenser coils clean so that you unit can run efficiently. Click here for more information.

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