The Disadvantages of Using Paper Towels

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Being a small business owner is a very hard job due to the fact that you have to worry about every aspect of your business in order to make sure that everything works right. If you run a business that caters to the public, then you will have to worry about things such as public restrooms and how to outfit them in a way that you can serve the customer without spending a ton of money. Many inexperienced business owners use paper towels when first starting, but quickly realize that Hand Dryers are the way to go. The following are a few of the disadvantages that come along with using paper towels in your public restroom.

Money down the Drain

One of the biggest disadvantages that come along with using paper towels in your public bathroom is that you waste money each time a paper towel is thrown away. Each paper towel costs you around a penny, which can really add up over time. For that same penny, you will be able to run a hand dryer 20 to 30 times. Instead of wasting money on paper towels, you need to invest in a hand dryer.

Dangers of Dispensers

Another disadvantage that comes along with having paper towels in your bathroom is that the dispenser that they come out of will start to collect bacteria and germs. Usually, the dispensers are neglected and not wiped down properly, which can begin to attract more and more harmful bacteria. Instead of letting your public bathroom to become overrun with germs, you need to instead install a hand dryer. The hand dryer does not attract the amount of bacteria and is a much more efficient method of drying. By leaving your paper towel dispenser in operation, you are putting yourself and your customers in danger.

Less Work on You

When switching from a paper towel dispenser to a hand dryer, you will quickly realize that lack of work that you have to do to maintain the dryer. With a paper towel hand drying system, you will have to constantly be picking up and refilling the dispenser every other day. For most business owners, the amount of time that this takes out of their work day can be quite significant and can slow down their productivity. By swapping to a hand dryer, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your customers’ needs are being taken care of with very minimal effort from you.

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