Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Aluminum Extrusions

When it comes to custom aluminum shapes, the extrusion process is one of the best options. It allows for the entire shape to be created from one seamless piece of aluminum, which limits fabrication and the need for welding or joining.

With original aluminum extrusion shapes possible through the use of custom extrusion companies it is much easier to design prototypes or large production runs. Of course, this all starts with the correct design of the die. The development of the die is crucial to the effectiveness of custom aluminum extrusions.

Professional Designers are Essential

Once you have a general idea of what you want the extrusion to look like, start working with a professional for the die design for the aluminum extrusion. This is an important step in the design stages.

By knowing what is possible in custom aluminum extrusions, you can avoid wasting time and effort in creating a need for a shape that cannot be effectively created through the extrusion process. The die designer will work with your team to make sure the component is the best option based on how it will be used.

In some cases, the designer may be aware of a standard or stock aluminum extrusion that may be a lower cost option. This may require slight changes in the design of the part, but it can end up saving a lot of money through production.

Complicated Design Features

One of the biggest mistakes to occur in the design process is to create a shape that is more complicated than required. Not only does this add to the time it takes to create the die, but the more complicated the shapes are, the more challenges there will be to produce the custom aluminum extrusions to very tight tolerances.

Simple designs with similar sized walls, limited cavities and with rounded rather than square elements will be easier to extrude. It will also be easier to further machine the extruded shapes.

Choice of Alloy

With the different types of aluminum available, including specialized alloys used in different industries, knowing how to match the alloy to the requirement for the component will be essential.

This is another area where working with an aluminum company rather than a general metal supplier has definite advantages. Their knowledge of aluminum will always be a benefit and can allow you to select the alloy for the extrusion that is best suited for the working environment and requirements.

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