Choosing A Reliable Moving Company


The key to a stress-free move is ensuring that you choose a reliable and responsible moving company. Finding the best moving companies in Chicago will take some research on your part but the time it will take is well worth spending. There are a number of steps that you can take that help you find the right moving company for the job.

Stay with a local mover:

Companies that do business locally live and die on their reputation, always hire a moving company that is based in your area, if you choose people that you don’t know; people that don’t have a stake in the community you may regret it, even if their price is less.

Always get estimates:

Never accept an estimate over the phone, the only honest way to estimate the cost of moving is not how many bedrooms you have but how much furniture and other possessions you have. Get three estimates from moving companies in Chicago that will come to your home.

Read reviews and check the BBB:

The internet gives everyone an opportunity to voice out experiences that they have. Check to see what past customers have to say. Check with the local Better Business Bureau, find out if there have been complaints and if so, how the company dealt with them.

Be wary of demands for excessive deposit:

The best moving companies in Chicago will usually ask for a 20 percent deposit based on the cost of the move; many will not ask for any deposit, they will be happy to wait until the job has been completed and your goods are in your new home.

You can keep costs to a minimum and make life easier for both yourself and the mover when you have determined in advance where everything will go in your new home.

Reliability and responsibility are paramount when looking for moving companies in ChicagoAaron Bros Moving System, Inc. provides excellent moving services in Chicago, the suburbs and anywhere in Illinois.

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