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Finding a biohazard suit for sale doesn’t have to be difficult. Many companies stock them, and they can even be purchased used or online. However, finding the right one for the job can be tough, especially if you’ve gotten no information from the management. Therefore, understanding which ones work for which situations can ensure that you get the right one and stay protected while working.

Four Types

Primarily, there are four biohazard suit types for sale. They can sometimes be referred to as hazmat suits, and they include biological agent suits, chemical agent suits, fire/high-temperature suits and nuclear agent suits. Each one is designed to be the most effective in those particular areas.

For example, biological agent suits will protect you from any biological agent requiring a fully-sealed system. It is usually set at overpressure temperatures to prevent contamination if your coveralls become damaged. Many times, you’ll also need full hoods and air-purifying respirators, which will likely be supplied by the employer.

Chemical agent suits will protect you from chemicals and will use a barrier material such as Tyvek, heavy PVC, rubber or Teflon while fire or high-temperature suits protect you from flames and temperatures more than 100 degrees, doing so by using reflective and insulating materials.

Nuclear agent suits will likely have radiation shielding, so you aren’t in direct contact with gasses and radioactive particles.

Safety Plans

Your employer will have safety plans in place for how and when to wear your biohazard suit. It is important for you and them to realize that these suits aren’t comfortable and are less flexible. You shouldn’t wear them more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time, but you can usually go up to half an hour when doing strenuous work. When you’re not doing anything too strenuous, you can usually wear them two hours or so before requiring a break. Visit MPE at website.

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