What Does a Hazmat Suit Protect You From?


A Hazardous material suit, or hazmat, is a full body attire that protects the wearer from extremely dangerous substances. Used in medical facilities, crime agencies and organizations, they are important in protecting against various biological agents. Following are some of the dangerous substances protected by the suit.

Infectious Diseases

The hazmat suit protects the wearer from an array of infectious diseases. For example, when the most recent Ebola virus occurred, all medical personnel and anyone in contact with the infected had to wear the protective suits at all time. The suit prohibits any viruses to pass through the suit material. The suit also protects from various strains of the flu, MRSA and other viruses.

Hazardous Aerosols

The suit also protects the wearer from hazardous aerosol sprays that could have been used in factories and chemical buildings. The type of sprays that would be detrimental to your health if inhaled without protection.


In addition, it also protects from certain gases emitted from radiation. The gases and vapors are kept out by heavily constructed seams and airtight hazmat material. It provides total clean containment of the body.


The hazmat suit protects the wearer from contamination in radioactive situations. Contamination is when you are unprotected and exposed to a radioactive contaminant. It prohibits the radiation from reaching your body or your skin.  In turn, it also prohibits the wearer from walking away with the radiation on the body.

Splash Guard

The hazmat suit also works as a splash guard for the body. When working with biological agents such as contaminated blood, sweat or urine, there are times when the fluids can be free falling. To protect from this possibility of cross contamination, the hazmat suit is used as the ultimate barrier of defense. The hazardous substances may get on the suit, but no penetration is occurring.

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