Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis Can Include Chiropractic Therapy for Back Pain

Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis Can Include Chiropractic Therapy for Back Pain

Many people still have the misconception that chiropractors are not legitimate healthcare practitioners. They are likely to change their mind if they suffer acute, ongoing back pain after being in a vehicle collision. For these types of problems, Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis from chiropractors can be very effective at reducing pain and helping patients heal.

A Middle Ground

As research continues to verify the positive results of chiropractic treatment, the conventional medical world has gradually begun shifting its view of this therapy to more of a middle ground between alternative treatments and traditional care. Medical doctors may view chiropractic care as a complementary therapy that is combined with treatments like cortisone injections and physical therapy.

A Holistic Method of Care

When it comes to Car Accident Injuries Treatment in St Louis, chiropractors provide a holistic method of care. They want to address the patient’s entire physiology instead of just the injured portion. A chiropractor uses spinal manipulation to bring the musculoskeletal system into proper alignment, which then allows the body to heal itself. In contrast, a physical therapist concentrates on developing an exercise program to stretch and strengthen the back for a patient with back pain. Both approaches are useful, especially when combined.

Avoiding Medication

Chiropractic care appeals to individuals who prefer not to rely on medication except when necessary. Someone with serious back pain after an accident may be afraid of taking prescription opiates, having heard about the epidemic of opiate addiction in this country. This man or woman might decide to experiment with complementary care by scheduling a free consultation and then a few sessions with a chiropractic team such as the Back & Neck Care Center of North County.

The Opinion of Patients

A skeptic may want to read relevant research on the topic, but it’s also important to consider how patients of chiropractic physicians feel about this subject. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that some 74 percent of Americans have received chiropractic care for their back pain, showing that the general population feels very favorable about this kind of therapy. More information about one particular organization can be seen at Stlchiropractors.net.

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