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Tips For Hiring Companies For Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Tips For Hiring Companies For Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For startup businesses or existing Original Equipment Manufacturers that are no longer happy with their current metal fabrication contract manufacturing, finding a top company offering custom sheet metal fabrication will be an important process. Knowing what questions to ask and what to look for in a custom sheet metal fabrication may not be a simple task if you are not familiar with fabrication trends, technology, and options. However, there some common factors or considerations that will ensure you choose a top company even if this is your first time in the hiring process. Years in the Industry This may seem like the first thing on the list for hiring any type of company, but with sheet metal fabrication it is a crucial factor. Experience across a wide range of industries and for different OEMs will be an asset in being able to take on your project and get it done on time and on budget. Another important issue to look for is the ISO 9001 certification. While this is voluntary, it demonstrates the company is committed to quality control throughout their fabrication process and strive for top customer satisfaction with every job. Equipment and Staff Check to see the capacity of the facility with regards to your production run requirements. This includes understanding if the company has the machines and equipment as well as the staff to not only take on your job but to increase production as your market grows. Top companies in the custom sheet metal fabrication will explain their equipment and talk to you about the fabrication services they offer. Check to see if these extend past fabrication to include secondary services you may require such as precision machining, riveting, welding, kit packing or even complete assembly services. Be the first to like. Like...

Outsourced Metal Fabrication Companies – How to Choose the Best One

Outsourced Metal Fabrication Companies – How to Choose the Best One If you offer welding and machining services to your customers, you can receive a variety of benefits when you outsource some of your work to metal fabrication companies. It’s a good way to increase your efficiency and provide services you would normally not have to offer. Yet not all of these fabrication services are the same and here are some things to remember when you shop for an outsourced company. Do They Have Enough Experience? How many years in the business is considered “experienced”? Some may say ten years but if you want to be sure, look for metal fabrication companies with at least 20 years of successfully servicing their customers. Also, check to see if the company has expanded or grown over the years. This is an important consideration because it gives you an idea of the services you can expect in the coming years. Large or Small Operation? A small shop can give you good service, but they are limited on what they can do for you. If you go with a service that has more 50,000 square feet of space and over 50 employees, you can be assured of a wide range of services. In fact, they can meet all your needs, and if you need a rush order, they’ll have the capacity to take care of it for you. Local or Overseas? You can save a lot of money with foreign metal fabrication companies. However, if you can find an excellent service here in the United States, you’ll enjoy several advantages. For instance, you won’t have to deal with language barriers that can sometimes cause miscommunications and errors. You’ll keep your business (and jobs) right here in America where they belong. A local outsourced company can give you all the benefits of foreign services without affecting the local economy. Be the first to like. Like...

Why Opt for a Vertical Machining Center?

Why Opt for a Vertical Machining Center? Machining Center: what is it? The Modern Machine Shop says the term can refer to any kind of CNC milling and drilling equipment, one typically designed with an automatic toolchanger. It usually comes with a table that clamps the workpiece and keeps it steady for further manufacturing work and applications. How does it work? In a machining center, only the tool rotates. The work piece is kept steady and in place. The difference in results, though, will depend on the spindle orientation you go for. A vertical machining center is the ideal option if you want to achieve greater precision in your results. On the other hand, if you favor production, most manufacturers opt for horizontal machining centers. In some cases, though, you’ll find machining centers that are well able to break out of these generalizations. Why opt for vertical machining? Still, between a horizontal and vertical machining center, is your best bet if you want to ensure exacting standards for your production needs. You wouldn’t want the wrong machining center to detract from the value of your business. So opt for improved accuracy and results with the right machining center. Where to go for help? Look for companies that offer you quality results. That’s a non-negotiable and must always be first on your list. Also, make sure to check on the kind of services the company offers. Not all machine contract manufacturers out there are capable of providing you with the range of services you need. From regular to custom work, be sure to factor these considerations in when it’s time to choose a company. Lastly, remember that delays are costly. So opt for a company that always delivers quality results on time. That way, you and your production schedule will never have to deal with issues and problems caused by delays. Be the first to like. Like...

Which is Best for Metal Manufacturing – Aluminum or Stainless Steel?

Which is Best for Metal Manufacturing – Aluminum or Stainless Steel? If you run a machine shop or metal manufacturing service, you may deal with several types of metal. However, many companies must sometimes choose between aluminum and stainless steel for specific products. So, which is the best metal to use? Let’s check out stainless steel and aluminum properties and benefits, to help you make an informed decision. Aluminum When you need something strong and lightweight, aluminum alloys are the best choice. Aluminum is more than twice as light as steel. That is the reason it sees a lot of use in the aerospace industry today. Here are some more features of aluminum to consider: * Corrosion – Aluminum does not rust, like steel. However, stainless steel contains chromium and is highly resistant to corrosion. In fact, stainless steel is superior to aluminum because it does not oxidize as rapidly. When exposed to caustic environments, aluminum may pit and corrode quickly. * Heat transfer – aluminum conducts heat better than stainless steel. This feature makes aluminum a good choice for radiators and HVAC coils. On the other hand, stainless steel is a poor conductor but this makes it an excellent insulator, and it is often used in metal manufacturing for making cookware. * Cost – in most cases, aluminum costs less than stainless steel. * Forming and workability – because aluminum is softer than stainless steel, it is easier to work with. In fact, some stainless steel grades are stiff and brittle and difficult to work with. Stainless Steel metal manufacturing companies often use stainless steel for medical components and equipment used in the food and beverage industry. Unlike aluminum, stainless steel is easily sterilized. When you want parts or components with the most corrosion resistance and strength, go with stainless steel. However, you pay more for this metal but in many cases, it’s the only viable choice. Be the first to like. Like...

Custom HVAC Systems Offer Many Benefits

Custom HVAC Systems Offer Many Benefits Are you planning on expanding your facility or perhaps building a new one? You’ll have a lot of things to consider before you begin. In fact, many companies are enjoying the benefits of specially designed HVAC systems from custom metal fabrication services in Cleveland. You can receive many good things with this strategy and here are some important points to consider. Greater Efficiency If you move into a commercial building, you probably have to deal with a standard HVAC system or a system specifically designed for another business. This can result in a huge loss of efficiency. For example, your business may have specific ventilation needs and this is especially important for facilities with large furnace operations. Increasing efficiency can lower your operating expenses all during the year while providing greater comfort to employees. Your custom metal fabrication services in Cleveland can give you an HVAC system designed for your business and building. It will make use of available space and you can choose from many options for better efficiency. For example, your ducts can be specially insulated or coated and may be designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. This can save you a great deal of time and labor in the next few years. Location Location is a very important consideration for an industrial or commercial heating and cooling system. For example, a roof mounted unit may be exposed to an enormous amount of heat in the summer. Your new system can be designed to limit heat buildup or relocated to outside of the building to make best use of winter and summer in the Midwest Size Matters Having a large HVAC system may not be the best solution for your company. Your custom metal fabrication services in Cleveland will work with you to design the perfect solution and this may include more than one system working together. Be the first to like. Like...

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