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What To Consider When Buying Used Chemistry Lab Equipment

What To Consider When Buying Used Chemistry Lab Equipment As with any industrial or commercial equipment, buying used chemistry lab equipment offers several benefits over buying new. The most obvious benefit is the cost savings that come into play, with a possibility of 50 to 70% savings on the used equipment over the same model purchased new. In addition to the advantages, there are also some considerations that need to be carefully weighed before making this choice. Buying from a reputable medical equipment company specializing in refurbished equipment is always the best option and here are the reasons why. Quality of the Equipment When the decision is made to choose from used chemistry lab equipment from a reputable equipment seller, there is an expectation of quality. Some companies will sell used, which means the equipment has been repaired as to known problems, or refurbished models. Refurbished used chemistry lab equipment has been completely checked, tested and parts and components replaced to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. This is like-new equipment, just at a fraction of the price. Additionally, top companies offering refurbished equipment will usually offer up to a year with a limited warranty, but this will depend on the specific model, make and equipment type. Purchase of Current Equipment It is also a wise choice to talk to the equipment company about the possibility of selling your current equipment. This is a great way to offset the cost of the used equipment and also free up space in the lab or facility. When you combine the lower cost, the top quality and the option to sell the existing equipment, this is an option well worth considering. For the best selection, look to the large chemistry lab refurbishing companies as they tend to have a larger in-stock inventory as well as the ability to track down specific equipment required. Be the first to like. Like...

Should You Consider Used DNA Equipment?

Should You Consider Used DNA Equipment? There are only a few options for any lab or medical facility to consider when looking for DNA equipment to replace existing devices or to add to a lab. The most common option is to buy new, either from a medical equipment supply company or directly from the manufacturer or their approved dealers. While less often considered, buying used DNA equipment can be a very good choice. Not all sellers and all options are the same, so it is critical to make sure you understand the reputation of the seller and the quality of the equipment under consideration. Know the Seller Occasionally, general online equipment sellers will end up with used DNA equipment in their inventory. These sellers don’t have the expertise or the understanding of this equipment to provide any type of verifiable testing as to the working condition of the equipment. If they are indicating it is in working order, it most often means it turns on and responds when the controls and features are activated. This does not mean they are always working correctly or that there are any repairs or upgrades provided with the equipment. By choosing a specialized online medical and laboratory refurbishing company, you have the advantage of knowing the used DNA equipment has been upgraded, repaired to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications and that it has been tested by certified medical equipment technicians. Know Market Prices, Warranties and Return Options Buying refurbished DNA equipment is a very good option for any lab or facility. Make sure to check with the refurbishing company to verify the warranty and the return policy. In addition, it is important to know both the price of new equipment with the same features as well as the asking price of the device from other used medical equipment companies. Be the first to like. Like...

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