Comparing Engineering Design Services


In any type of prototype development, the design aspect of the project is always the most critical. With today’s technology, the use of specific design programs allows expert engineers to not only design but to run virtual simulations and tests on the design. These tests allow for modifications of the design to make a better, stronger and even less costly product to manufacture.

Finding the right engineering design services is not always easy, particularly for a company with no prior experience in new product development. It can be difficult to know what services are relevant for your particular concept and design needs and which ones are not going to be necessary.

To help make the comparisons between different services, focus on the following basic issues before looking at the additional services offered.

Niche Areas and Specializations

In some areas, such as in the medical, aerospace or military and defense sectors, engineering design services also provide expertise and experience in working within very specific regulations for the development of new parts, components or devices. In many applications, there will then be the need for design validation and documentation to verify all requirements are met.

Niche Areas and Specializations

Avoid engineering services offering design work without substantial experience in your industry or sector. For example, if you need an electronic component designed, look for a company with electronic design experience, not a company specializing in medical or military and defense.

Ability to Work Collaboratively

As the design component is critical to the overall process, it is important to look for engineering design services that can work collaboratively with your in-house team. While the engineering team may be providing the technical aspects of the project, it is important they take the time to understand your desired end results and to work with your in-house team.

Also, be sure to verify that the service is able to move beyond design to prototype and full production. Many design companies are strictly design focused, leaving you with the added requirement to find a manufacturer.

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