A Bankruptcy Attorney in Hamilton, OH Can Help You Be Free from Debt


Debt problems can happen for a variety of reasons. A bankruptcy attorney will never judge an individual for why they are in debt and are unable to pay their bills. Illness, injury, a spouse’s death, divorce and many other life-changing situations can cause a financial burden on any individual. A bankruptcy attorney in Hamilton, OH will only worry about helping an individual gain the financial freedom they need and stop the harassing telephone calls and foreclosure on a client’s home. Bankruptcy has nothing to do with an individual being a failure at finances; it has to do with gaining the financial freedom they need.

Is Anyone Allowed to File for Bankruptcy?

Depending on the amount of debt and income an individual has, they may or may not be able to file for bankruptcy. There is a calculation the court will use to determine if an individual is eligible. There are also several types of bankruptcy an individual can file, and they should speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to determine which one will help them with their situation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 can help an individual who has a limited amount of income and a lot of unsecured debt to be free from the overwhelming payments. This type of bankruptcy works well for an individual who has a limited amount of income. Any assets that remain after the exemptions have been taken will be sold by a trustee to pay off the debts and the individual will be financially free.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When an individual has a regular source, too much debt, and a lot of assets, chapter 13 bankruptcy can help them keep their assets and lower their debt. This type of bankruptcy allows an individual to keep their assets, stop wage garnishments, cancel second mortgages if there’s negative equity, stop IRS collection, and lower car payments on loans that are more than two-and-a-half years old. A three-to-five-year payment program will be established, and at the end of the payments, the balance of the debt will be forgiven.

Don’t let mounting debt destroy your life, know more about us and how bankruptcy can help.

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