Caring and Comprehensive Pet Health Services with Spay and Neuter in Chandler AZ


Those who are animal lovers never like to see one suffer, even when it’s not their own. The idea of an innocent stray cat or dog struggling to survive with little food and no shelter is heart breaking. The leading cause of homeless animals is by overpopulation with too many that haven’t been spayed or neutered. Animal shelter staff do what they can to take strays in to have this procedure done and find families, but pet owners themselves can do this for their own animals to reduce health risks and eliminate the possibility of mating with a stray outdoors.

Animal clinics with services for Spay and Neuter prevent animals from being born into what they can only see as a cruel, merciless world. The health benefits of Spay and Neuter in Chandler AZ is reducing the risk of breast and uterine related cancers in females. For males, prostate and testicular cancer. Pets won’t have the naturally induced urge to mate. Furry companions have better temperaments and are easier to train afterward.

Females that are fixed don’t have stressful heat cycles which also attracts males. Cats are less likely to spray places with their urine at home to mark territory. Some male dogs have a stubborn habit of lifting their leg up to furniture. Owners may not see that if their male dog is neutered. When there are no plans for breeding, Spay and Neuter in Chandler AZ is one of the best things an owner can do for their pets.

Preventive care is a way to ensure pets stay in the best health possible and health compromising conditions are detected early. On top of animals not being able to express how they feel in words, they instinctively hide that they are experiencing pain physically. This makes it extremely hard for an owner to tell something is wrong. Routine well checks include blood screenings, stool testing, oral exams and cleanings, vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

Though pet owners wish preventive care could contain all serious health issues, some develop conditions that require surgery. The safest and most comfortable practices are rendered with surgery. Veterinarians do lab testing for health status so animals aren’t posed to anesthetic complications. There’s a pre-surgery exam that checks for recent changes in the patient’s health. Veterinarians work cooperatively with patients and their owners to guarantee a safe and successful surgery without incident.

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