Best SIP to Invest In: The Types


Systematic Investment Plans are the most widely invested Mutual Funds type in India. But to know which type of SIP to invest in and how, is not a job for a layman. The best SIP to Invest in depends on a lot of factors like amount, time period, flexibility, Investment interval period, government policies, market conditions etc. Summing all this up, here is a list of best SIP to Invest in India.

Flex SIP is the best SIP to invest in India because it allows the investor to increase or decrease their principles at will and earn more benefits from the scheme. Flex SIP helps the investor withdraw or put in money owing to market situations and predictions in the long run

Step up SIP allows you to increase your SIP principle amount at regular intervals in multiples of the original amount. This is beneficiary highly for those who are starting to invest in mutual funds with startups or business money and look forward to invest more once the business gets going.

Pause SIP is beneficiary for people with uncertain future income. With this plan the investor can stop the plan for 1 to 3 months before resuming the investment in case of short of money or urgent need of the same.

Perpetual SIP has no end date noted and it continues till the investor issues a notice to stop it or, it is bound to continue till 2099 unless stopped before that.

Trigger SIP is strictly the best one for those who understand the market well. In this investment plan, the investor selects a date, time or event, based on the predicted changes that can come in to the market due to the government policies, Tax change, or change in company policies. These dates are pre decided by the investor on which their investment is triggered to benefit more.

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