Common Causes of Car Engine Failure


Engine failure is one of the worst things that can happen to a driver. Without an engine, your car isn’t much of a mode of transportation. Here are a few common causes of engine failure, and how to avoid them.

Sitting Out Oil Changes

Oil changes are an important part of vehicle maintenance. If you’re planning to keep your car running for as long as possible at its maximum efficiency, you need to change the motor oil regularly. Frequency varies by type of oil and driving conditions, but in general experts recommend every 3-5 thousand miles.

Neglecting to Fix Leaks

When you spot a leak, it means something is amiss. Foxing these problems promptly may be as easy as a trip to your auto parts dealer or may be cause for something more serious, but they should not be ignored. Doing so can result in far greater damage to your engine and your entire vehicle.

Blowing Off Cooling System Maintenance

Unfortunately, many drivers wait until their car’s cooling system is already damaged to take it in for maintenance. Flushing your engine’s coolant is a quick process that professionals can do for as little as $100 every three years. That’s far less expensive than a complete engine repair, and will keep you and your car from feeling the heat.

Flooding Your Engine – Literally

When you drive your car through massive amounts of rain or standing water, you risk taking on substantial water. When this happens, the air flow to and through your engine is interrupted, replaced by water that – if present in large enough amounts -can reach and damage your spark plugs.

Looking for engine repair in southwest Fort Worth, TX? Consult the experts at your local garage. They understand the needs of Texas drivers, and will get your car back on the road right away!

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