Before You Light Up Your Pathways and Walkways

Before You Light Up Your Pathways and Walkways

It takes time and money to maintain and enhance your outdoor spaces. All the hard work and costs are worth it when you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, unless you use fixtures like LED pathway lighting, you can only enjoy your beautiful landscape in the daytime. Here are some important things to do and to avoid, before you install your lights.

Check Local Building Codes

Not all towns and cities are the same, and some municipalities may have specific rules in place for outdoor lights. For example, some areas may require energy-saving fixtures, and you’ll want to invest in LED pathway lighting instead of conventional fixtures. This not only saves you on energy, but you also save money on light bulb replacement too.

Prioritize Safety

When you light up your landscape, make safety the most important issue. For example, LED pathway lighting should have precedent over floodlights used to highlight special features. If you can only afford one type of fixture now, choose the safest option. This helps you avoid unnecessary injuries and legal issues.

Think of Your Neighbors

Before you install any lights, think of how they will affect neighbors at night. For example, you don’t want lights shining in windows or imposing on your neighbor’s space. When you take those living near you into consideration, you avoid a lot of potential problems.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of LED

When you choose LED pathway lighting, you’ll enjoy more benefits than energy savings. For example, LED uses low voltages, so it’s safer than conventional lighting systems. It’s also simple and easy to install, and you don’t need electrician qualifications to install most LED systems. LED light doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe around kids and pets. You can choose from many fixture designs to create the perfect landscape lighting scheme.

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