A Few Ways You Can Prep For Your Kitchen Installation


After what may seem like a millenia of saving and planning, you’re finally able to get the kitchen installation you’ve always wanted! This is likely an exciting time. Everyone deserves the home of their dreams, and you’re one step closer to reaching that goal. Before you get started with your kitchen installation, however, whether through a service or on your own, there are a few things you must do to prepare.

Measure Your Space

Before you even pick out the new cabinets you want for your kitchen, you should first measure your kitchen from top to bottom. Take a tape measure from the ceiling to the window tops, the length of your windows themselves and your window sills to the floor. This will give you an idea of the best size to look for as you shop around for your cabinets.

Take Care of Your Appliances

During the kitchen installation process, you’ll have to drill into your walls. By doing so, you risk coming into contact with wires and gas lines—dangerous, though essential, parts of your appliances that could present a hazard if touched or damaged while connected. Before you get any work done, you’ll want to not just shut any and all lines and appliances off, but remove your appliances completely from your kitchen space. This greatly reduces your risk of accidents.

Create Guidelines

This step will once again require your tape measure. Figure out where your cabinetry will sit once it’s installed, and make lines there. You’ll want to do the same thing for any and all wall studs for the cabinets. Doing this will help your kitchen installation team considerably, as it gives them idea of where and what they’ll be working with.

While putting in your new cabinetry yourself may seem like the more economical option, hiring a professional kitchen installation company not only saves you the hard work, but ensures a high quality job! Furthermore, an expert team can take care of these steps for you.

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